lighting on your wedding day

most couples aren't filmmakers (yes - it's true) so i compiled a list of tips to ‘rock you wedding day.’ the list basically consists of good things to consider to ensure that we can create the most captivating + awesome film possible. 

lighting came up a lot during my "tips" brainstorming. i prefer to work with natural light - i have hot lights i can set up if absolutely need be, but nine times out of twenty, natural is preferred. who wants a bunch of lights set up in their dressing room? i like to be as ninja + minimal as possible when filming.

natural light also really helps skin tones shine. even if parts of the wedding are indoors, i'm constantly seeking natural light through large windows + skylights. if the bride is getting her makeup done in a room with a large window, i like to ask the makeup artist if she/he would mind setting up by the window. often times i don't even have to ask, because they prefer to work in a well-lit area anyways. 

the best part of the day to film portraits of the couple is golden hour, the hour before the sunset. the light flows in from the west, so the directionality is really soft + moody. photographers also love this time of day as well. if we are shooting during golden hour, we will likely nerd out over the light a little bit. just a little bit.