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neha + Tyler | indian traditional meets chic industrial

neha + tyler’s two-day indian wedding brought vibrant sarees, bollywood dancing + even a white horse to a historic industrial venue. it was a truly beautiful celebration. neha + tyler have been together since high school + their love for each other, their family + their friends is as real as it comes. together they’ve navigated academic pursuits, a cross-country move + tough health diagnoses of family members. their wedding celebration was so lively + joyous - knowing the resilience + strength behind it all made each moment that much sweeter.

stephanie + katherine | hip industrial meets cozy

stephanie + katherine’s wedding was a work of love. they poured so much of themselves (+ their amazing taste, might i add) into the day. it made the vibe wonderfully down-to-earth and cozy. steph + katie are so full of warmth + compassion + their genuine gratitude for the day was contagious. everyone at their wedding celebration, from their family, to their friends, to their vendor-friends, felt lucky to be included in their circle.

susan + paul | elegant whimsy at the walker

on the morning of their wedding, susan + paul got ready at paul’s childhood home. the house held a special place in their relationship + it was soon going up for sale; they wanted to give it a proper send-off with their favorite people. as friends + family gathered in the kitchen, we filmed their portraits around the neighborhood. it felt special to capture these two in a place that meant so much to them. after their ceremony susan + paul did a tandem bike exit through the streets of downtown. susan quickly learned the perils of biking in a wedding dress… they ended up laughing so hard they could barely pedal. but they still made it two blocks! such troopers.

allie + korey | colorado sunset ceremony

colorado mountains, a perfect sunset + all of their favorite people… allie + korey’s ceremony was simply unreal; as the sun dipped below the mountains, the denver skyline changed colors behind them. it was some natural magic + they deserved every bit of it. throughout the day it was clear that allie + korey are SO loved + have an army behind them… an army that, might i add, gets seriously down on the dance floor.

Hannah + nishant | colorful saris + classic style

hannah + nishant’s eastern meets western multi-cultural wedding was a vibrant celebration. family + friends from literally all over the world joined them for a quintessentially midwest memorial day weekend. on their sangeet night, everyone arrived in traditional indian outfits, celebrating with fresh naan + lively dancing to bollywood tunes. their wedding day welcomed more western traditions, with hannah in bridal white. considering all the events going on, the weekend felt low-key + wonderfully down-to-earth. hannah + nishant brought a vibe that prioritized their connections with their friends + their joining of families + traditions. in other words, they did it right.


bre + aaron’s wedding at flying horse ranch was emotional, serene + a major party. bre + aaron met at a frat party ten years ago (+ they totally own this origin story in the best way). after bre + aaron graduated college, aaron moved from ROTC to active duty army. together they moved to georgia and lived there until aaron was deployed to afghanistan for six months. during our sunset portraits, not yet hearing their full background story, i asked bre + aaron to hug like they wouldn’t see one another for months. it became an unexpectedly special/emotional moment, because they knew that feeling of missing each other deeply.


samantha + chasen’s day included so many fun, thoughtful touches, from an ewok + IG-88 cake topper, to star wars fighter groomsmen bowties. if it’s not already apparent, chasen really loves star wars... + by extension, sam does too! as their friend justin noted, samantha is chasen’s ‘padmé to his anakin skywalker.’ together they have traveled to around 14 countries + counting. their friend/officiant, austin, described a time when they were all traveling on an overnight train from venice to vienna, + sam + chasen shared a bunk, sleeping ‘eyelid to eyelid.’ from that point on, austin knew that ‘these two were made for each other.’ for their honeymoon, samantha + chasen went on a month-long international backpacking adventure. happy journeys + may the force be with these two!

joanna + charles | soulful elegance

in the planning stages of their wedding, joanna + charles had a vibe in mind: ‘romantic, elegant, + a touch playful.’ filming their wedding day, i found that these words not only described their reception aesthetic, but also the way they are with each other. it may sound like a convenient/corny analogy, but i’m completely convinced of it. these two carried themselves with such a light-hearted poise throughout the day… + the laughter! so much laughter. i was smiling the whole way through their edit.